Potluck Press

At Potluck, you can always find your favorites and try something new.

Potluck Press serves up greetings for every occasion from some of the country’s foremost designers and artists.  Because we seek out the best, we can ensure innovative, trendsetting cards.

The ink at Potluck Press runs as deeply as blood.  The family-run greeting card business, based in Seattle, was born of owner Patti McKillop’s love of words and photography.  The passion was sparked early in life by her grandfather, Bernard Nordmann, a Missouri-based publisher.  Today, Patti runs Potluck Press alongside her children (and two grandsons), spending their workday together and doing so with humor and love.

A driving force of the business is bringing excellence through collaboration.  Potluck Press is a place “where everyone brings something to the table.”  Input and ideas are not only celebrated, but expected, resulting in quirky and lovable ways to express everyday sentiments.